With the New Year upon us one of the biggest concerns for the next year in the DOD will be where to trim the fat and who gets the cash… The restructuring announced earlier this month by the President and Secretary Panetta¬†focus a shift in operational structure of the forces which have been engaged in a fight for over 10 years now.

The reduction in forces is concerning to the Army and Marine Corps since both services have had to rely heavily on their active duty and reserve forces for Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. The BCT model has worked extremely well for the Army in the constant rotation of forces in and out of both theaters of operation and the Marines have felt the stress of this long term fight as well and succeeded in their deployment scheduling with only four divisions total.

The overall 8% (approx $489 Billion) reduction in defense spending over the next ten years will drastically effect guys and gals on the ground. The general format of the national defense strategy is also being reduced or dynamically changed by the Obama Administration and will certainly trickle down to the strong defense industry in the US.

This concept of doing more with less is something known to those in the military on an operational scale but, how does this play out on the tactical scale. With so much money being cut, and fewer Joes to do the job in the Army and Marines what is the alternative? More unmanned systems… more ISR capabilities. The unmanned resupply is currently underway in Afghanistan but what will the future hold…

I guess we will have to hold our breaths for a few more weeks until the budget comes out and hope for the best in the how the money is doled out!!!


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