Hi everyone, my name is Sean P and I’m a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom where I served as a Rifle Platoon Leader. In addition to being a Veteran I am a proud partner at the Defense Strategies Institute (DSI).  This blog will serve to be my forum for anyone who cares to read, to follow some of my steps on re-integration into the civilian world, process into the VA and many other pertinent short and long term topics within the DOD.

I had the pleasure last week of attending the first DSI professional forum in DC where military and civilian leaders discussed the future of our electronic health records or iEHR. It was amazing to hear the Air Force Surgeon General Green  speak of a topic at a level which is quite a few echelons above me. A topic which I’ve come to know well in the documenting of Line of Duty (LOD) injuries for many of my Soldiers and myself and the process in which our health records make it from a small outpost in Eastern Afghanistan to a small Air Force clinic back stateside, to a provider I’ve never met who knows all of my injuries and problems sustained in theater.

More to come on this but it was a great experience chatting with the likes of the former VA Secretary (Silver Star Recipient) and others.



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