Who We Are

Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) was created to form a non-partisan, relevant, sustainable, and ethical organization operating primarily within the Department of Defense and Federal Government sectors. Our Founding Partners created DSI with the vision of using their expertise in political/military affairs, government relations and military operations to help advance mission critical success through necessary dialogue and debates amongst the respective offices and industry while at the same time helping to support those that deserve it most: our Wounded Warriors.

We are a Woman Owned/Minority Owned Small Business. Included in our team are those that have served in the Armed Services and those currently in the Reserves, professionals in international negotiations and conflict resolution, former Congressional staffers, professional symposium producers, and a variety of other professional backgrounds that, when combined, form a truly holistic operating team.


Operating guidelines: In order to maintain our non-partisan stance, DSI  receives no financial investment for operating costs from any outside organization, individual or group. We adhere to the most current operating guidelines for non federal entities: Currently, these stand as:

All of our Summits and Symposia voluntarily comply with Department of Defense operating guidelines as a “NO-COST to the DoD” meeting, and adheres to the most recent standards of the Office of General Council, Standards of Conduct Office:

  • *All of our Summits and Symposia comply with recent Deputy Chief Management Officer memo  Date Nov 6, 2013, “DoD Conference Guidance 2.0” . Under this issuance, all DSI meetings fall under  line #18. “NO-COST to the DoD”
  • * All Summits and Symposia meet the guidelines per USD(Comptroller) Memorandum dated 3/ 05/ 2013  titled “Additional Guidance for Handling Budget Uncertainty in Fiscal year 2013”
  • *All Summits and Symposia  FALL BELOW the current pricing determined by  SOCO advisory 14.01: 7.(a)… purposes of JER 3-211 (a)(7) the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), OGE standards of ethical conduct for employees of the executive branch: currently 5 cfr part 2635 and 31 u.s.c. 1353 as it pertains to OGE standards.
  • *Qualifies as training in compliance with 5 U.S.C. Chapter 41 and is compliant with The Office of Government Ethics, Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch: currently 5 CFR part 2635 and 31 U.S.C. 1353 as it pertains to OGE Standards.
  • *All Summits and Symposia are open to all DoD and Federal employees and is considered a compliant educational  and training forum.
  • *Active military and government employees are offered complimentary attendance.