DoD/VA & Gov Health IT
November 9-10, 2020
Alexandria, VA
EOD/IED & Countermine
November 18-19, 2020
Alexandria, VA

Space Resiliency Summit
December 2-3, 2020
Alexandria, VA

Digital Forensics for National Security
December 8-9, 2020
Alexandria, VA

SOF & Worldwide Operations
December 9-10, 2020
Tampa, FL

Directed Energy Symposium
January 27-28, 2021
Alexandria, VA
Joint Networks
February 3-4, 2021
Alexandria, VA
Automated ISR Symposium
February 17-18, 2021
Alexandria, VA
Military Additive Manufacturing
February 23-24, 2021
Tampa, FL

Warfighter Systems
February 2021
Washington, DC

Our Values/Mission/Goal


Our value proposition to the Department of Defense, Federal Government, NGOs, Academia, and Industry clients is rooted in the comprehensive approach we take to the interrelated challenges our clients face across the spectrum. Our team is built upon years of professional expertise towards understanding the complex terrain of political/military affairs and our mission is to be continually recognized by government, military organizations, and industry as both a thought leader and a reliable, trustworthy, operating partner.

DSI supports our Nations Veterans and Injured Service Members through our Charitable Donations. Learn More about DSI Giving Back.