Our Mission And Vision

Animated by the values and guiding principles of DSI, our vision is to continually be the United States’ most dynamic and ethical Institute to the defense and federal government communities; recognized by government, military organizations, and private industry as both a thought leader and a reliable, trustworthy, value oriented operating partner. We strive to deliver mission relevant educational summits, seminars, and symposiums to the respective departments, agencies, and private industry leaders in order to help them achieve effective and efficient mission success.

The summit forum is a proven form of advancing communication, enhancing discussion and debate, and fostering new partnerships amongst the various actors involved in any given mission.  As the neutral voice that is not guided by the particular agenda of any given agent, we are able to reach across all organizations in a fair and balanced manner and bring together the relevant representatives while forming lasting and trusting relationships with them.

When we leverage our team’s combined professional expertise in political/military affairs and successful summit production to best effect, we have a successful breed of services that leverages its industry knowledge to formulate relevant and timely content for each meeting offered.


Our Organization’s Values:


  • We pledge to always keep the Warfighter at the forefront of our work. To this end, DSI supports our Nation’s severely injured Service members and Veterans through our charitable donations to charities that are aligned with our mission and vision, for a full list of charity partners please visit https://dsigroup.org/giving-back.
  • Neutrality: We pledge to always maintain a non-partisan approach to the subject matter and content we create.
  • We are dedicated to forming lasting partnerships with both our speaker faculties and our sponsors, and will strive to exceed their needs and expectations.
  • We believe that communication is essential to advancing the mission critical needs of our Military and Government, and we pledge to always create forums where actionable ideas, discussion and debate are fostered.