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DSI webinars provide a virtual forum for government, industry, and academic collaboration across the spectrum of defense, homeland, and national security.

Our on-demand webinars are archived and available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

Challenges and Opportunities Hypersonics Pose to the U.S. Air Force

General Stephen Wilson, Vice Chief of staff for the US Air Force, outlines collaborative DoD efforts to implement and acquire hypersonic technologies and maintain control of the skies peer and near peer

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ClearForce: Challenging Times Drive Organizational Focus on Employee Pressure & Stress

In this webinar, Tom Miller, CEO of ClearForce, details how ClearForce is enabling a safer, more secure workforce. Mr. Miller offers advice on how employers can, with the help of ClearForce, navigate the pressures and stresses during these trying times and support their employees.

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SmalSat Alliance: Hybrid Space Architecture

SmallSat Alliance President Steve Nixon and Chairman Chuck Beames discuss Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA) – the integration of emergent “new space” smallsat capabilities with traditional government systems.

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Leading VA EHR Modernization Implementation and Deployment Efforts to Provide Ease of Care to Veterans

In this presentation, John Windom, Executive Director of VA Electronic Health Modernization, discusses how the VA is managing data standards, workflow, and other governance processes to better operationalize VA EHR

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Modernizing Digital Investigations: People, Process, and Technology

Join Craig Guymon (Director, Solution Consulting) and Jessica Hyde (Director of Forensics) as they discuss the challenges experienced by digital forensic units and detail how Magnet AUTOMATE can help you scale up and complete more investigations faster.

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