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Earth Intelligence 2020 addressed the challenges and requirements needed to maintain the IC and DoD’s global leadership in geospatial intelligence. As the world continues its shift toward great power competition, the need to develop and adopt emerging technologies and advanced solutions will be required to maintain U.S. prosperity and security. This challenge will require the government to work with commercial partners and stakeholders in order to sustain its competitive advantage and move with the velocity needed to meet its goals.

Opening Remarks

Maxar President & CEO, Dan Jablonsky, and Executive VP of Global Field Operations, Tony Frazier, welcome attendees to the 2020 Earth Intelligence Summit.

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Keynote Presentation: Comercial Industry’s Role in Supporting Critical Government Missions

Peter Muend, Director, Commercial Systems Program Office, National Reconnaissance Office

• Evolving how the NRO operates to allow for integrated and interoperable GEOINT enterprise
• Leveraging commercial partner technology to augment the expertise of the NRO workforce
• Partnering with Industry and Academia to provide real-time Geospatial Intelligence in support of National Defense Missions across the globe

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Combining Commercial and Government GEOINT Capabilities to Create a Hybrid Architecture

David Gauthier, Director, Commercial and Business Operations, NGA

• Creating greater insight with rapid, lower resolution commercial imagery and capabilities
• Managing the rapid growth of geospatial data, information, and knowledge
• Integrating small satellites and other emerging commercial systems into the GEOINT enterprise

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Open Data and Mapping Capabilities for Disaster Response

Open data and mapping capabilities have become essential tools for organizing an effective response in the wake of large-scale disasters. The ability to ingest data from multiple sources and provide rapid collective intelligence over changing areas of the world is crucial for enabling access to affected areas and enhancing recovery efforts. This panel will discuss current and future advancements in open data and mapping capabilities and the impact they see those capabilities having across the globe.

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Shortening the Kill Chain with Automated Target Recognition

This panel will discuss how the DoD can leverage emerging AI and machine learning technologies to optimize sensor to shooter information sharing. This will allow opportunities for improved mission transformation and quality of data while allowing intelligence to it downstream and facilitate target recognition. With the emergence of Great Power Competition, US Forces will need actionable intelligence and a more rapid pace than ever before.

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Developing Enhanced Synthetic Training Environments for Realistic Mission Rehearsal

  • Enabling Commanders and soldiers to understand dynamic complexities of their mission through a STE
  • Optimizing warfighter performance by giving them superior knowledge of the battlefield
  • Providing actionable mission intelligence at the point of need anywhere on the globe

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